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Krowdster has been CrowdfundX's secret weapon in helping our clients build an authentic, online social following quickly. It is cost-effective, easy to set up, and, most importantly, Krowdster delivers. I can recommend this tool with no hesitation whatsoever.

Darren Marble
CEO CrowdfundX

Our company has used the Krowdster platform on several crowdfunding campaigns with good success. It is the perfect tool to help our client's engage directly with crowdfunding backers.

Sean Angus
CEO Launchpad Agency

My team has used Krowdster for lists, influencer targeting, audience outreach, and category research. It’s one of a kind for rewards and equity campaigns.

Dan Baird
CEO Crack the Crowd

As a crowdfunding consultant that focuses on building excited and engaged crowds, Krowdster has been a powerful addition to my arsenal of tools. The Twitter marketing services save me of hours of research and the ability to engage and grow a targeted following in a long-awaited single platform.

Bill Huston
CEO My Crowd Rocks

Strikingly efficient! We started building a community around our campaign right away, and we learned exactly how social media would drive the crowdfunding campaign. Love it!

Kevin Berg Grell, PhD
CEO Apen Designs

Krowdster is a particularly helpful tool. It makes accessible (read affordable) the services that those with a need to raise capital to fund their dream all share.

Rose Spinelli
Crowdfunding Consultant

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