Crowdfunding Backer Directory

The world’s largest database of over 1 million backers and super backers on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

What is Backer Directory and how does it work?

Backer Directory is the world’s largest searchable database of Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign backers and super backers.

NEW: You can now also select users from any category in Backer Directory and use Twitter Marketing to engage with them for you on autopilot.

Our database contains over 1 million backers and super backers of crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Search for backers by platform, category and by the number of campaigns backed. You can also filter results by geographic location and export the contact information.

Video walk-through:

Unlimited Searches

Find and contact as many backers and super backers as you like.

Find Super Backers

Easily filter results by the number of campaigns backed to get to find super backers.

Geo Targeting

Narrow down local results by adding state and city to your search.

Export Results

Export 15,000 results and contact information of backers to a .CSV file.


✓ Unlimited Searches, contact as many backers as you like

✓ Frequently updated database

✓ Find backers and super backers on Kickstarter & Indiegogo

✓ Filter results by category

✓ Filter results by number of campaigns backed

✓ Limit results by geographic location

✓ Full access to discovered backer contact information

✓ Export 15,000 backer’s contact information to .CSV format

✓ Includes Facebook ID where available

Access Options

Backer Directory
$249 /month
✓ Unlimited Searches
Find and contact as many backers as you like.
✓ Powerful Filters
Filter backers by platform, category, # of campaigns backed and location.
✓ Export Results
Export of 15,000 results per month included; additional exports available.
✓ No Long Term Contract
Cancel Anytime
✓ Chat & Email Support
Dedicated Support Team

Twitter Marketing
7 day Free trial, then $89 /month
✓ Gain Targeted Followers
Gain between 1500-3000 highly targeted Twitter followers per month.
✓ Unlimited Targeting
Target as many keywords and hashtags as you like.
✓ Drive Traffic
Drive visitors from Twitter to your campaign page or anywhere you want.
✓ No Long Term Contract
Cancel Anytime
✓ Chat & Email Support
Dedicated Support Team

Backer & Twitter Bundle
$253 /month (-25%)
✓ Save -25%
Save -25% with the Backer Directory & Twitter bundle, compared to unbundled pricing.

✓ BONUS: Newsletter Feature
Your campaign featured 1x in our weekly newsletter to 20k+ crowdfunders.

✓ 1 Twitter Marketing
Twitter Marketing campaign for one Twitter account.
✓ 1 Backer Directory
Full access to the Backer Directory is included in this bundle.


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