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Gain highly targeted and engaged Twitter followers.

If you are planning or currently running a crowdfunding campaign, you know that Twitter, the microblogging social network with a reported 316 million active monthly users, is at the heart of most successful crowdfunding social media marketing strategies and is regarded as the best way to engage with supporters in real-time.

twittercrowdbuilderIf your crowdfunding strategy includes social media marketing, you cannot go without Twitter and the sooner you start growing your following the higher your chances of crowdfunding success will be. With the organic reach of Facebook pages dwindling south of 5%, it has become difficult to reach fans on social media without paying Facebook to boost your posts. Let’s assume that your Facebook page has 1000 likes, which means that each posting only reaches 50 people or less without paying up.

What a bummer… first they tell us to build our audience by promoting our Facebook pages (and in doing so, increasing Facebook’s IPO valuation) and now they tell us that we have to pay to reach that same audience we’ve worked so hard to build?? I guess that’s what happens when companies go public and priorities shift – obviously not in our favor. Facebook has become a pay to play platform which presents a problem for most bootstrapped startups and crowdfunders operating on a budget. Many are disgruntled with the diminishing reach of their Facebook pages and refuse to pay for visibility which makes Twitter the natural alternative go-to place, after all, it is the world’s second largest social network and you can reach your audience without paying.

Twitter has a huge user base: 316 million users worldwide (72 million in the US) and allows users to reach thousands or millions of followers in an instant. Sounds great, right? But… (don’t we all hate that there’s always a but?) like with most good things in life, it’s not as easy as it seems. First of all, how does one actually build a targeted, engaged Twitter audience? Secondly, Twitter’s real-time nature presents a new challenge: Think of  Twitter like a waterfall of tweets that constantly pushes your tweet down the stream with newer tweets. While a Facebook post can get interactions for days, on Twitter 92% of the interaction with a new Tweet happens in the first hour. That’s because every day around 500 million tweets are sent, which means you have to tweet several times per day in order to reach your audience across all time zones and peak usage hours.

To utilize Twitter correctly you have to be on it 24/7, even if you use some kind of marketing tool, you still have to find relevant tweets to retweet, find top users, follow them, unfollow those who didn’t follow you back, send them a welcome tweet to drive traffic to your campaign page…. and all this while you execute your crowdfunding strategy… seriously, who has time for all this?

Watch the video tutorial on how to set up and configure Twitter Marketing:


How to build a Twitter following

Unless you are some kind of celebrity or established brand or organization it is unlikely that you’ll build a social media following simply by opening an account. That’s true on Facebook, Twitter and any other social network for that matter. Like I said before, it used to take a lot of effort, at least an hour a day or more, to take all the manual steps required to build a Twitter following, needless to say it’s tedious work.

Nobody has 7+ hours per week for finding and grooming a Twitter audience – Twitter Marketing can do it for you.


There are countless Twitter marketing tools out there but most of them are either bloated or don’t do what you really need them to do or require significant manual input. I had to use 5 different (paid) tools to achieve what I wanted to do and it wasn’t fully managed and that really bothered me so we went ahead and built Twitter Marketing, a fully managed service to build a targeted, engaged Twitter audience and drive traffic to your crowdfunding campaign at the same time.

searchtermsTwitter Marketing allows you to target your audience by search terms and hashtags and then engage with top authors. Throughout the day, Twitter Marketing will search Twitter for tweets relevant to your target audience and engage with them in a positive manner. You can setup as many search terms as you like and perform pre-defined actions when a matching tweet is found. Examples of actions are to follow the author and to either retweet or favorite their tweet.

We use sophisticated filters to make sure to only engage with quality authors. Fake accounts, bot accounts and low quality accounts are filtered out. You also have the option to set up search terms and Twitter accounts to ignore. Twitter Marketing also comes with a dedicated account manager to help you optimize your Twitter growth strategy.

Depending on the popularity of your search terms and hashtags, as well as the overall appeal of your Twitter account, between 2-10% of users will follow you back and engage with your tweets. Everyone who’s not following you back within 2 days is unfollowed. On average Twitter accounts gain between 50-150 new followers per day, which means up to 4500 highly targeted and engaged users per month.

How to engage your Twitter following?

Of course, gaining followers is just one part of the equation, the next step is to make them take action, ideally by clicking a link to your crowdfunding campaign, website, pre-launch page or any other destination you like. The moment someone follows you is the perfect time to engage them in your campaign. We send them a Welcome Tweet that contains a link to your campaign page, your pre-campaign page or any other page or social media account you want to promote.


One of our early adopters who was in pre-campaign mode, used the Welcome Tweet feature to promote her Instagram account to new Twitter followers and gained 40-60 daily Instagram followers on top of the 120 Twitter followers that she gained through Twitter Marketing every day.

Our fully managed service connects you with real people; however the quality of the content you tweet and the appeal of your Twitter account as well as your crowdfunding campaign will greatly determine how well this will work for you.

To get started growing your Twitter following click here.

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Why Krowdster?

Krowdster is the #1 crowdfunding marketing & PR software. Founded in 2014, Krowdster is designed to promote Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns or any other rewards as well as equity crowdfunding campaigns.


If you wish to receive our latest news in your email box, just subscribe to our newsletter. We won’t spam you, we promise!

Why Krowdster?

Krowdster is the #1 crowdfunding marketing & PR software. Founded in 2014, Krowdster is designed to promote Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns or any other rewards as well as equity crowdfunding campaigns.

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