Facebook Ads for Crowdfunding Campaigns Course

Facebook advertising is as essential to a successful crowdfunding campaign as it is confusing. In this course, you’ll get a step by step blueprint how to successfully run Facebook ads for your crowdfunding campaign.

* Limited Time Special Offer: $99 *

This course gives you step-by-step instructions how to run crowdfunding optimized ads on Facebook.

Let’s face it.  Every crowdfunding campaign needs traffic.  Every campaign needs to do an effective prelaunch and build an email list before going live.  But how do you do it quickly and on a budget without wasting thousands of dollars on trying things that don’t work?

Krowdster’s in house crowdfunding expert Eli Regalado has custom designed the following Facebook ads course just for you.  Unlike other Facebook ads courses on the market this is a HYPER direct training that leaves out ALL of the fluff and only shows you EXACTLY what you need to do in order to be successful at Facebook ads.  

Having crowdfunded over $50 million dollars Eli goes into detail to show his free tools, his free hacks, how he gets leads for campaigns for $1 or less, and then what to do once you go live.  

What You’ll Learn

Optimize Campaigns for a Lift in Conversions and Revenue

Drive Profitable, Round-The-Clock Traffic To Your Website, landing page, and crowdfunding raise.

Master Advanced Advertising Features like the Facebook Pixel and retargeting.

* Limited Time Special Offer: $99 *


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