Kancy Switch

Kancy is a smart switch that gives you the power to control & automate your electrical appliances, lighting and motors through Mobile & Web app Make the smart choice, subsicribe for future coupons up to 25%



Kancy is the next big IoT invention,

A smart switch that is easy to install and easy to use.

-Kancy is engineered to be intuitive and effective, this smart switch fits anywhere.

-You can count on Kancy to squeeze in and get the job done.
Once installed, Kancy can be controlled via our web app.

-Providing you real-time functionality for every device in your home.
Really, anything that plugs into an outlet can interact with Kancy!!

This smart switch is incredibly versatile, and because we care about delivering a quality product, we have developed it with notification, monitoring, and security features as well.

No matter where you are in the world, there is a Kancy for you.

-Our smart switch is available in a wide range of compatibilities:

  1. European
  2. American
  3. Asian
  4. African
  5. and Australian consumers can all use the same Kancy.

-Even if the outlets look a little different.

-Right now, we are turning to you, Kickstarter, for help raising $40,000. At least $25,000 is required for us to pay the costs associated with producing these switches, including molding, casting, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping.

We would like to produce the world's first mini standalone Wi-Fi smart electrical switch. As a thank-you to everyone who helps us to spread this project.


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