EBROST: The technologycal social glass

Ebrost is the technological drinking glass that revolutionizes the way to drink and live the places.Thanks to the color and the behaviour that you can give it via smart phone, you can always be sure to recognize which glass is yours

Ebrost: the way to live the places has changed


World 1st IOT drinking glass that revolutionizes the way to drink

With the smart phone, via Bluetooth BLE, you can set the color and the how/when start and stop the light.

All the electronics is mould inside and it can be washed in dishwashers.

The internal lithium battery is charged with the provided wireless charger.

The Android and iOS Ebrost Apps will be the reference App for the places and peoples who wants to stay connected each other’s worldwide.

Ebrost calls the attention, promotes the meetings and involves the participants.

On the Ebrost Points you will drink on the Ebrost glass of the place, or if you bring your own Ebrost  glass you can drink at discounted price.

Places, clubs, teams and organizations can  personalize the Ebrost glass with them logo or image on the internal bottom of the glass.



A community of affiliates and friends is growing around Ebrost®.

You can be a part of it through the free app which you can download from Google Play or the App Store.
It’s not necessary to purchase an Ebrost® glass to be member of the community.

With the use of the name “Ebrost Friend” a member of the community is identified.

With the use of the name “Ebrost® point”, an affiliate place (bar/pub/club/disco) is identified where it’s possible to use the Ebrost® technological glasses. Bring your own Ebrost® and get a drink at a discounted price or get a drink in the place’s Ebrost® glass.

With the name of “Ebrost® service” the organizers of events that use the glasses Ebrost® are identified.

Additional information on www.ebrost.com/en

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Frascaroli Mirco