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What Are KKOG Bricks?

Anyone can own a piece of the KKOG Cannabis Greenhouses via the KKOG Cannabis Investment Platform ( This platform allows the buying and selling of "bricks" of specific greenhouse properties. Your bricks increase or decrease in value based on the profitability of the greenhouse.


About King Kong Organics


King Kong Organics brings Cannabis Investing to the masses by granting access to Cannabis properties via the KKOG Cannabis Investment Platform. With a focus on Africa's Cannabis market, KKOG has signed partnerships with African countries such as South Africa and Zimbabwe. However, KKOG is not limited to Africa. It also has agreements in place in Colombia, Mongolia and Haiti (licensing, distribution, extraction). On the sales side, KKOG has recently negotiated agreements which have granted KKOG access to over 4000 pharmacies in South Africa. KKOG's focus on premium flower/oil (medical application) has a strong following in California in over 400 dispensaries. Now, KKOG's objective is to build a premiu, brand (incl. branded consumer products in CPG markets).


Going Public on July 29th!


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