Ghost Eyes Volume 1: The Eyes Of Darkness And The Heart Of Phoenix Coming Soon!

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The Story

Get lost in the adventure!

A story about a high school student with a mysterious past. 
Her father, a well known archeologist, disappears under mysterious circumstances one day while exploring an old Egyptian tomb. Soon after his dissappearnce his daughter, Stacey, recives an interesting amulet seemingly out of nowhere. The amulet is full of power, even more then she could possibly understand and there is someone who wants that power and will stop at nothing to get it. Now her mission is to find out what happened to her dad, what the amulet has to do with it and defend herself from the enemies that want to stop her.

Our Team

Loisy Frimpong And Samantha Hahn

Loisy Frimpong And Samantha Hahn
Author and Co-Author

Ying Hwei S.

Ying Hwei S.

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