Snaperture - The all-inclusive sensor-activated camera trigger with water-dropper

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The sensors detect light, sound, distance, movement, interrupted laser-beam and subject position. The trigger events can also be cascaded.

The onboard real-time clock allows intervalometer operation and other time-related triggering.

Snaperture's water-dripper is simple to use and offers absolute repeatability. This is included with the unit - no extra purchase required. You will be up and running, right out of the box.

In consideration of the environment, Snaperture has been designed with longevity in mind. The practice of building throw-away products, whose components are too small and inaccessible for repair, is now frowned upon (at last).  Although failure is extremely unlikely, Snaperture's size and geometry will allow repairs to be carried out. Its operation is entirely independent of smartphone protocols, so incompatibilty will never be an issue. Furthermore, the operating firmware can be upgraded locally, so this useful piece of equipment will be with you a long time.

Here's the kicker: there have been some failed Kickstarter campaigns in the genre of Camera Triggers, because they could not produce the promised article. Snaperture, however, is a completed, fully engineered, fully manufacturable product at this very moment, and no further development is required. In short, once the funding target has been achieved, there is absolutely no possiblility of this product failing to be delivered, which is a rare claim from a kickstarter campaign and a rare opportunity for backers.

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