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Acclaimed founder of Success For Your Child, Allison C. Dankner, MS. ED, PSY, is a highly recommended in-home and online educator, Behavior and Testing coach, and ADHD Parent Coach helping parents successfully raise happy, successful ADHD kids!

Helping your child build Self esteem one Academic/ Emotional/Social Skill at a Time. Success for Your Child Pre-K to Grade 9, at Home and Online

 Allison is highly engaging, a beautiful person inside and out, she provides safety and trust, is experienced and makes the lessons fun ... a child whisperer! 

Allison can be reached by email at or text at 646.484.9289 


Success for Your Child Parent and Speaking Presentation Testimonials:


When I first reached out to Allison, we had already tried behavioral therapy and play therapy for our 5 year old. I read about her online and thought that it wouldn’t hurt to call and see what types of coaching she offered. Our home life has become so much more peaceful now that we have a child who is learning to listen and follow through on his promises. She is a pro at helping parents of children with ADHD. My parent toolbox is much more complete having been coached by Allison.


Jenn, Client from West Palm Beach 

Since our son started working with Allison, his confidence has skyrocketed! She has a special way of building relationships not only with our son, but with our entire family. Our son's reading has improved significantly and he truly looks forward to his time with Allison. She has a unique approach- reading and behavioral management all rolled into one. Her creativity and infectious energy is just what we were looking for! In addition to working with our son, she has given us priceless tips for helping our child to best succeed. It is obvious that Allison truly loves helping others and I highly recommend bringing her into your lives! 

Jennifer, client from Wellington, Florida

I attended my first CHADD meeting last week. I was a little unsure of what to expect. Allison Danker was the speaker and I found her to be very knowledgeable about the topic and she was able to speak to me on my level. I came in to the group feeling like I was crazy and a complete failure as a parent. Allison was able  to give me some tips on how to deal with my son in a more productive way as well as understanding more of what he is dealing with having ADHD. I found her to be a dynamic speaker and very personable and energetic.  She made me feel like I wasnt alone or crazy and that by making these small changes,  the dynamic between my son and myself can actually improve. She has given me hope that it can actually get better and for that I am so grateful. I am looking forward to my next group with Allison and learning more ways of coping and supporting my son in a more positive way.

Audience Member, CHADD Meeting

I am so lucky that I have a dear friend that always knows the best person to call whenever you need a hand and I am eternally grateful that she shared Allison Dankner’s contact information with me! We met Allison when we were going through the stressful process of taking the pre-kindergarten ERB exam in New York City.  She calmed our nerves while she delighted our daughter with ‘learning games’. Our daughter went into the test prepared and performed beautifully, but our relationship with Allison didn’t end there. Allison continued to work with all of my children, sharing her love of learning and literacy.  She is a beautiful person inside and out and we miss her dearly since she relocated.

Jessica, client from Manhattan and Shelter Island, New York 

Allison is highly experienced in test prep and enrichment classes, and is extremely attentive to young children. She makes the lessons both fun and engaging. My daughter, who was 5 at the time, absolutely loved going to class with Allison, and was well prepared for the test.

Amanda, client from Tribeca, NYC

We’ve referred Allison to friends in the area and they have always reported back with good news, thanking us for referring someone so wonderful. We have been amazed at how quickly older children consistently warm to her as well. Allison is kind, trustworthy and extremely perceptive, and was just as wonderful with Mathew for enrichment, writing and behavior coaching as she was with Jonathan for his admissions test. Our decision to have Allison accompany him to the test was a game changer. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Erin, client from Manhattan and Southampton, New York

Thanks to the digital world we live in, Allison can educate kids and teens around the country. As for me, the most important thing is safety and trust. Some of you think of me as an animal whisperer of some sort. Well, Allison Danker is like a child whisperer. She knows how to reach them by building their self esteem and educating them. No harm in an inquiry. Our Children/Teens deserve that at the very least.

Scott, client from Puerto Rico and Parkland, FL

We were happy to be introduced to Allison through another family she works with.  One of our daughters was struggling with organization and focus on her homework, reading/writing skills and her behavior needed some attention.  After just her first semester with Allison, teachers reported marked improvement. Three years later we still contact Allison to update her prior to sessions regarding behavior at school and with her siblings. We are amazed at the improvement in our daughters attitude.

Glenn, client from Manhattan

I had contacted Allison after a recommendation from a friend because it seemed my son Alan kept on falling more and more behind in school. I was bummed to hear that Allison had moved away but she convinced us to give it a try via FaceTime. I was skeptical at first since I couldn't quite envision how this could play out but after the first two sessions I totally got it why and how this could unfold. Allison's energy and vibration when communicating with kids is endless and does not stop long-distance. You can have all the great tools available but if you are not able to make the child excited about the learning process it will not work, whether in person or via chat online, I can highly recommend Allison to every parent who needs that extra support outside of the classroom.

Berna R., Southampton, New York


Text: 646.484.9289



Dear Families,


If your child is struggling with keeping up, or needs to catch up, if your child does not like school, or does not like reading, if your child won’t write, if your child is acting out in school or at other children, if your child isn’t turning in homework, or believing in themselves... there is one answer - Success for Your Child!


SUCCESS FOR YOUR CHILD - Raising Self Esteem One Skill at a Time Pre-K to Grade 9


I am an Educational Specialist with a masters degree in education and a psychology degree with 20+ years in teaching, opening schools, writing district- wide curriculum and working closely with families like yours and the most discerning families’ children in Manhattan, the Hamptons and South Florida.


I love helping children build Self Esteem one Academic/ Emotional/Social Skill at a Time...Pre-K to Grade 9, at home and online.

I am a compassionate, structured, seasoned learning specialist and Behavior Coach with a myriad of professional skills. I started my own Educational and Coaching in home Learning Company, Success for Your Child in Manhattan in 2009 after helping to open two new school start ups, in California and Arizona and writing district wide curriculum as a leading educator. As a Coach and Educator with my MS.Ed and BS in Psychology, my driving goal is to help students achieve better results while building greater self esteem one academic/social/emotional skill at a time, in their homes and online. 


I am happy to offer complimentary phone consultations and look forward to speaking with you and helping your child be their best! 

You can send me a personal email to or please send a text to 646.484.9289 to set up a time, or use the contact us form below for more information.



Success For Your Child 

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