Crowdfunding Twitter Marketing

Don’t have a big enough following on Twitter? Don’t worry! Twitter Marketing is a tool designed to gain highly targeted Twitter followers in your niche and to promote your crowdfunding campaign at the same time.

How can I benefit from Twitter Marketing?

In crowdfunding, Twitter plays an immensely important role as a tool to identify and engage with a highly targeted audience (read: potential backers) and a way to promote your crowdfunding campaign (or pre-campaign) to that audience.

Thanks to Krowdster, this task can be automated and you can grow a highly targeted Twitter following and promote your crowdfunding campaign at the same time, without lifting a finger. You’ll save 24 hours of your precious time and hundreds of dollars per month by using Krowdster vs. doing this yourself.

Once set up, our system will automatically find relevant conversations on Twitter and bring you and your message into the conversation in a natural way.

Your Time Saved by Using Our Twitter Marketing Tool*




*Time is estimated

Here’s how it works

1. You input #hashtags, keywords or Twitter accounts relevant to your crowdfunding campaign and target audience. NEW: You can now also select users from any category in Backer Directory and use Twitter Marketing to engage with them for you on autopilot.

For example, if you are crowdfunding a 3D printer, you might choose keywords like “3d printer”, “3d printing” or #3dprint.

2. Throughout the day, we monitor Twitter for tweets about your topic from high quality authors. Low quality tweets, bot accounts and retweets are filtered out. Your dedicated account manager is available anytime for help and to optimize your growth strategy.

You can also define negative keywords and accounts to ignore. All the heavy lifting is done by us, no work on your part is required.

3. Qualifying tweets matching your search criteria are liked or retweeted, or the author is followed using your account.

Users are notified about this by Twitter and an introduction is made.

4. When a user follows you back, we send a personalized welcome tweet to them.

Welcome tweets are a great way to thank users for following and to pitch your crowdfunding campaign.

Learn How To Use Twitter Marketing:

Is Twitter Marketing right for me?

Who is Twitter Marketing for and why would I use it?

Twitter Marketing is aimed at crowdfunders that want to supercharge their Twitter follower growth rate and crowdfunding page referrals. If you want to grow your crowd on Twitter and reach a hyper- targeted and engaged audience for your crowdfunding campaign, then Twitter Marketing is for you.

Are the followers generated with this tool actually real people or are they fake/bots?

The followers we generate ARE 100% real people with an interest in your niche or vertical. What we do is quite a simple premise, there’s no tricks to the method. Our service actually works, we don’t need to be sneaky to get results. You’ll have access to a dedicated account manager who will happily help you to optimize and get the most out of your Twitter marketing campaign.

How well will Twitter Marketing work for me?

The majority of the time this service will get you amazing results. However the effectiveness is completely down to what it is you’re promoting, which keywords and hashtags you use and how engaging your Twitter account already is. Having an interesting and active Twitter account with regular updates and quality tweets will perform far more effectively than a stale account or a little appealing campaign.

Access Options

Twitter Marketing
7 day Free trial, then $49 /month
✓ Gain Targeted Followers
Gain between 1500-3000 highly targeted Twitter followers per month.
✓ Unlimited Targeting
Target as many keywords and hashtags as you like.
✓ Drive Traffic
Drive visitors from Twitter to your campaign page or anywhere you want.
✓ No Long Term Contract
Cancel Anytime
✓ Chat & Email Support
Dedicated Support Team

Backer Directory
$99 /month
✓ Unlimited Searches
Find and contact as many backers as you like.
✓ Powerful Filters
Filter backers by platform, category, # of campaigns backed and location.
✓ Export Results
Export of 15,000 results per month included; additional exports available.
✓ No Long Term Contract
Cancel Anytime
✓ Chat & Email Support
Dedicated Support Team

Backer & Twitter Bundle
$129 /month (-15%)
✓ Save -15%
Save -15% with the Backer Directory & Twitter bundle, compared to unbundled pricing.

✓ BONUS: Newsletter Feature
Your campaign featured 1x in our weekly newsletter to 20k+ crowdfunders.

✓ 1 Twitter Marketing
Twitter Marketing campaign for one Twitter account.
✓ 1 Backer Directory
Full access to the Backer Directory is included in this bundle.

Account Manager

Get your own dedicated account manager to help optimize and manage your Twitter growth strategy.

Grow your audience

Twitter Marketing will introduce you to highly targeted, quality Twitter users day in and day out, freeing up your time.

Promote your campaign

Twitter Marketing will send a welcome tweet to your potential new supporters to start the conversation.

No download required

No need to download anything, Twitter Marketing lives in the cloud and is controlled via our browser based web app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I try Twitter Marketing for free?

You can try Twitter Marketing free of charge for 7 days.

How many Twitter followers will I get and how fast?

You can expect to gain between 50 and 100 highly targeted and engaged followers per day.

How long does it take to set up Twitter Marketing for my Twitter account?

It takes less than 15 minutes to get Twitter Marketing up and running.

Can I start with a brand new Twitter account?

You can start with a new account but we recommend you don’t start with an account that follows no one and has zero followers or tweets itself. Start using your Twitter account, tweet daily and follow some people before you start using Twitter Marketing.

Can you help me with my setup and with picking keywords?

Absolutely, you can always contact our support team for help.


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