Viral Contest

Launch a viral contest to exponentially grow your email list.

Gamify your email list building with your very own viral contest and get started in less than 5 minutes. Set up a launch contest that incentivizes subscribers to refer others in order to climb to the top of the list and win something cool.

Learn How To Use Viral Contests:

How does it work?

Set up a launch contest page and incentivize subscribers to help you spread the word.

  • Design Your Contest

    Tell people on your contest page what the winner and runner ups to your contest will receive. You decide if there will be 1 or 10 winners. Anything that you are going to offer as rewards during your campaign also makes for great incentives. The better your incentives, the more people will be excited to share your contest page and help it go viral.


  • Automated Tracking & Reporting

    Each new subscriber is given a unique link which they can share via social media or email and move up in the leaderboard of your contest, every time someone signs up. People can check their own ranking and how many people they have referred.


  • Leaderboard

    The leaderboard gives you a complete overview of subscriber and referral statistics and ranks results by number of referrals.



Get Started in Minutes

Build a customizable pre-campaign page in under five minutes.

Crowdfunding Pre-Launch Templates

Template Gallery

Choose from fully mobile and tablet ready pre-launch templates.



Customize the background, logo and text of your pre-launch page.


Collect Emails

Integrated email collection and download as CSV file.

Mailchimp Integration

Mailchimp Integrated

Connect and post new subscribers directly to your Mailchimp account.


Add Your Team

Add your team members and connect their social media accounts.

Social Media

Social Media

Link your campaign’s social media accounts and optimize your page for sharing.

Crowdfunding Tracking

Tracking & Tagging

Add Google / Facebook / Twitter tracking and/or retargeting codes to your pre-launch page.

Crowdfunding Countdown

Set Countdown

Display a countdown to the launch of your crowdfunding campaign.

Page Redirect

Schedule your pre-launch page to redirect all traffic when your campaign goes live.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing

Set up different pre-launch page variations and run A/B tests.

& More

Start building a free page now to discover all of the fantastic features.


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