Crowdfunding Live Q&A Webinar

Eli has raised $50m+ on Kickstarter & Indiegogo

The Secrets to a Six-Figure Kickstarter or Indiegogo Crowdfunding Raise.

Webinar host Eli Regalado, crowdfunding expert for Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns is here to answer your questions and to help your crowdfunding campaign become successful.

In this live webinar, Eli reveals it all and answers YOUR questions regarding running a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Normally, it would cost hundreds of dollars per hour to get this kind of professional advice, but in our webinar, you can ask Eli anything you want for free. All you have to do is register.


Create a viral contest to exponentially grow your email list and create buzz for your campaign launch.
Use Twitter to build a highly targeted and engaged follower base and drive traffic to your campaign page.
Run a Press Release for your campaign and ensure as many journalists as possible know about your project.
Recruit Kickstarter and Indiegogo backers and super backers who have backed similar campaigns than yours.
Get the contact information of top journalists and bloggers in your industry and effectively run a media outreach.
And much more… you can ask your specific questions during the webinar.

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